Be A Part Of The Keeper Of Allah’s Words


It could be the case
When we are busy working, etc, these Qur’an learnes are trying hard to memorize the Quranic verses.
When we are sleeping soundly, they get up for tahajjud at night and read the holy Qur’an…

These kids are among the keepers of the holy Qur’an
They continuously keep Allah’s words alive

Let’s be a part of the keeper of Allah’s words
Let’s give charity through regular or occasional donation
So that this (FREE OF CHARGE) Qur’an boarding school will sustain and be even more established….
So that Allah’s voice can be continuously spread through the mouth of these orphans and du’afas
And the rewards for you last accordingly….aameen..

Address of the Qur’an Boarding School :
Pondok Tahfidz Qur’an Darul Muttaqin
Jl. Merak 19, RT 3 RW 3, Balapulang Village
Tegal Regency
Central Java, Indonesia
Zip code 52464

Bank Account :
Bank name : BRI
Bank Branch : Balapulang
Account Number : 606201014543531
Account holder’s name : Yayasan Al Muttaqin

Contact :
Mobile phone: Aji Sularso +62 (0)0811944340 (English/Indonesian)
Rahadi +62 (0)85642672655 (Indonesian language)
Andi Kurniawan +62 (0)8129649124 (Indonesian only)

Website :


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